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Daily 5 minutes brain exercise

brain training exercise for preschool hand eye coordination

Regular brain-boosting exercises help to improve the ability to better perform tasks. Cognitive training is necessary to improve young kids' mental health and ensures that they have the right mindset and proper awareness of the world around them.

Puzzles and games are fun and engaging activity for toddlers which helps with the development of their cognitive abilities such as hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Some of the benefits of right brain training include

  • Longer Attention Span & Concentration

  • Boost Memory

  • Creative & Vivid Imagination

  • Multilingualism

  • Musical/Artistic Talent

  • Positive Emotions & Behaviour

  • Spatial Recognition

How to play?

brain training exercise for preschool hand eye coordination

Let your child practice using both fingers at the indicated starting point and follow the path while drawing together with both fingers.

Draw back and forth with both hands or use dry erase markers to draw on a laminated sheet. Getting children to complete them quickly will also help to nurture their right brain.

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