Tutorial - How to use digital stickers in GoodNotes

This blog post will cover all you need to know about how to use digital stickers in GoodNotes


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7/14/20220 min read

Digital stickers are fun to play with and are even cooler when you know how to use them in GoodNotes.

They are also a great task management and productivity tool if you use digital sticker memo pads and to do lists.

Depending on your needs, you may use digital stickers to decorate your planners and make digital planning paperless and fun.

Here are a few ways to add digital stickers in GoodNotes.

  • Copying and pasting existing sticker elements
    If your planner already has a sticker or you have successfully imported one, you can duplicate them easily on the same page or other pages in your planner.

    They can easily be resized and positioned however you like.

  • Sticker Collections (how to create/edit sticker collections)
    In the video guide, we cover how to create and edit sticker collections.

    We highly recommend to use sticker collections as it's somewhat like a quick link to stick a sticker across any page in your planner.

    Sticker collections can be created easily and you can import stickers from your Ipad or google drive.

  • Using the lasso tool (to select multiple stickers)
    Lasso tool is recommended for copying multiple stickers onto any page. It is also possible to copy it from one planner to another by opening 2 windows. We will cover this in a separate tutorial.

    This is especially useful when you want to bring in stickers from one planner to another planner to use.

We'll also cover how to use digital stickers and a bit on how to import digital stickers into collections so they can be easily accessed quickly from all pages.

We are using our hyperlinked Cute Dog Digital Sticker book to demo, however if your file does not have hyperlinks to jump around pages you can select pages from the overview which is demonstrated in the video.

This sticker book is suitable for kids 5 and aboe.

Click the link here to access the Cute Dog Digital Sticker book.

With proper demonstration and practice, kids can learn how to use the digital sticker book to decorate scenes with cute dogs.

Tutorial - How to use digital stickers in GoodNotes

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