Minimalist Modern Realistic Undated Digital Planner

Cute Pattern, IPad/Android planner, Digital stickers, Goodnotes file PDF


This undated Minimalist digital planner has been designed with a realistic touch. There are 5 types of covers you can choose from with cute patterns and engraved with words.

The inner pocket can be moved around, if you have other items like receipts, photos, bookmarks, or digital stickers you can decorate the notebook pouch area with a realistic and elegant-looking notebook interior.


This digital planner is optimized for tablet usage and compatible with annotating apps like GoodNotes (Goodnotes file is provided in this download) or XoDo which may require an additional cost to download.

It is designed for easy navigation with intuitive hyperlinks throughout the document.

It can be instantly downloaded and opened from your annotating app.

Video Demo

This quick video will walk you through the main sections of the minimalistic digital planner

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Undated & Minimalistic Design

minimalist modern realistic digital planner cute pattern type

This is an undated planner which you can use anytime by filling in your own dates.

It comes with undated monthly/weekly/daily planners with reusable templates and 2022-2024 calendars.

You can use it for any purpose - business, homeschool, work, study, daily planner, etc.

Digital Planner Templates

minimalist modern realistic digital planner cute pattern type

This digital planner contains 102 hyperlinked pages and has been designed to provide a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate interface.

It is divided into several sections,

  1. Main menu (1P)

  2. Year selection (1P)

  3. 2022-2024 calendar & important dates (4P)

  4. Monthly overview (1P)

  5. Monthly plan (12P)

  6. Sticker page (1P)

  7. Type 1 Weekly plan (5 x 12 P)

  8. Type 2 Weekly plan (2P) duplicate as needed

  9. Day template (2P) duplicate as needed

  10. Section & Notes (2P)

  11. Notebook Templates (5P)

    * When you duplicate pages it will not affect the designated hyperlinks.

Useful Sticker Pack

minimalist modern realistic digital planner cute pattern type

The sticker pack comes with already pre-cropped/imported digital stickers - you can use this pack or your own stickers on your app and add them to the sticker page.

It comes with 3 felt ribbon bookmarks which you can use as digital bookmarks and 30 matching useful sticky notes/memos (digital stickers).

Sticky notes include the following,

  1. To-do list

  2. Memo (single lined)

  3. Blank Sticky note

  4. Clock

  5. Progress

  6. Sticky Tape

  7. Habit Tracker

Changeable covers

minimalist modern realistic digital planner cute pattern type

Change between 5 covers (for GoodNotes)

Here's the list of covers

  1. Blank cover

  2. Dog pattern

  3. Cactus pattern

  4. Panda pattern

  5. Cat pattern

Download Information

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Dimensions: 11.25 x 20 in
File Type: Fully Hyperlinked PDF, GoodNotes file, Pre-cropped/Transparent PNG (Digital Stickers), Individual PDF covers
Size: 55.7 MB

This is a digital download, no physical item will be delivered.

Once purchased you will receive the file download in a high-resolution PDF file

  • Cute pattern Minimalist Undated Digital Planner Type 2 Goodnotes file

  • Cute pattern Minimalist Undated Digital Planner Type 2 Others

  • 5 individual covers (for import into Goodnotes so that you can switch covers)

  • Individually cropped Stickers (stickers have been pre-cropped and pre-imported in Goodnotes file and PDF file for other apps)

  • User Guide for Digital Planner

Copyright Tater Tots Co 2022.

By purchasing you are granted permission for personal use only and not commercial use.

Sharing of files is strictly prohibited. Files may NOT be resold or posted in digital form, as a free download, or as a printed piece.

minimalist modern realistic digital planner floral type

How to import GoodNotes Cover & Template

This quick guide will teach you how to easily import GoodNotes covers so you can use them as templates across your planners.

General FAQ