"Hello" Greeting Posters

Teach kids how to say "Hello" in other languages to encourage them to learn a new language.

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What is included?

multi language hello greeting poster for kids
multi language hello greeting poster for kids

Here are the multi language greetings in different languages for kids,

Poster 1

  • "Hello" in English

  • "Ciao" in Italian

  • "Ni Hao" in Mandarin

  • "Salut" in French

  • "Hi" in casual English

Poster 2

  1. "Hello" in English

  2. "Hola" in Spanish

  3. "Hej" in Swedish

  4. "Ni Hao" in Mandarin

  5. "Konnichiwa" in Japanese

  6. "Ola" in Brazilian

  7. "Bonjour" in French

  8. "Hallo" in Dutch

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  • Multi-language Hello Poster Set of 2

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