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Get more things done when school's out

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Kids will turn to their mobile devices, computers, and games if not under supervision.

Why not help them plan their vacation and help establish good habits and stay away from those distractions?

This simple planner will help them keep track of their vacation goals or get any projects, assignments, and homework done before school reopens.

What is included?

Choose from 2 cover designs (Summer or Winter Holidays), you'll get to use both.

This vacation journal planner pack includes the following,

  1. Cover Page (2P)

  2. Declaration (1P)

  3. Daily Schedule, Goal Setting (2P)

  4. Summary, Vacation Closure (2P)

  5. Habit Tracker (1P)

How to use the vacation journal?

First, get your child to write a declaration before starting the journal.

This declaration can be a goal or something your child wants to achieve by the end of the vacation.

Next, record and plan daily activities using the daily planner templates.

Print as many copies of these templates as needed.

During the journal activity, record any habits your child wishes to track in the 30-day habit tracker template.

Use the header columns to fill in the desired habit and use the columns as a daily checklist.

At the end of the vacation, get your child to summarize how they felt at the end of their journaling activity and write their goals for the new school semester.

Download Information

Dimensions: 8.3 x 11.7 inches
File Type: PDF
Size: 4.19 MB

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Once purchased you will receive the file download in a high-resolution PDF file

  • 6P + 2P(cover) template vacation planner journal for kid

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